Open US Bank Account for For Non-Residents

“Discover How To Open A US Bank Account, Step-By-Step, For Non-Americans, With FREE VISA Debit Card, In 2 Weeks... Guaranteed!

Deposit funds from your PayPal, 2CO, & AdSense accounts, as well as ClickBank commission checks. Withdraw funds from any ATM around the world.

inally! After months of endless searching, I've found out how a non-US resident can open a US bank account! And easily, too! Want to know how?

1.  Do you live outside of the USA? YES 
2.  Do you use PayPal to send and recieve money? YES 
3.  Do you use Google AdSense on your website(s)? YES 
4.  Are you selling stuff on eBay? YES 
5.  Do you use 2CheckOut to proccess credit cards? YES 
6.  Other reason to have a US Bank Account YES 

If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, you need a US bank account!

The good news is this:

I'm going to show you exactly how you can get your own US bank account within 2 weeks from today!

If you are selling using PayPal, 2Checkout, StormPay, ClickBank, or any other common payment service, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your funds to your country.

I wrote a special report to help people like myself, who searches for an easy way to open a US Bank Account without a Social Security Number, without flying to the US, and without cost!

My report includes simple instructions to successfully open your US bank account. It includes the actual application forms and sample forms I used to open my account with.

Look at all the benefits you're getting...

This is probably even better than your own bank account!

By Now, You're Probably Thinking...

  1. How long does it take to download the report?
    You will be able to downlaod your report immidietly after payment!
  2. Can I trust this bank with my money?
    This is not a small town bank. It is a very big and reputable company with branches all over the US. It is even listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with market capitalization of over 7 Billion!
  3. What is the initial deposit?
    The bank says there is an initial deposit of $1,000 (US). However, you can open the account without any deposit and then add any amount you like. I opened my account with no deposit at all. I later added only $10. There is no minimum balance after your account has been opened.
  4. Are there any account fees?
    No fees within your first 12 months, regardless of your deposit amount (even if you only have $5 in your account). After that time your account can stay free of maintenance fees as long as you keep it active.
  5. Do I need a US tax file number?
    No. NOT even your own country’s tax file number is needed.
  6. How much can I withdraw per day?
    You can withdraw up to $500 a day using your VISA debit card. You can write a check in any amount (up to your balance). You can wire transfer any amount (up to your balance) to any other bank account.
  7. Can I withdraw PayPal funds?
    Yes, you can withdraw funds from PayPal and any other account that does ACH (direct transfer). They will be deposited directly into your US bank account without any fees.
  8. Do I need Bank reference letter?
    No. A photocopy of your passport is all you need. The photocopy does not have to be notarized.
  9. Will I receive account statements?
    Yes. You can either view them online or have them mailed to you.
  10. Do I need a US mailing address?
    No. The bank airmails documents and statements internationally.
  11. Can I use my VISA debit card in any country?
    Yes. You can use your VISA debit card at any ATM. You can also use it wherever VISA is accepted.
  12. Can I deposit US checks?
    Yes. Just endorse the check and mail it directly to the bank.
  13. Do I have to make a deposit to get my VISA debit card?
    Initial Deposit of $1,000 only. You can send a check or wire transfer/PayPal your initial deposit after your account is opened (after you received your account number). If you do not make the $1,000 deposit, you won't be able to get the debit card. You do not need to make an initial deposit if you do not want an ATM card. If you wish, you can operate your account with wire transfers, etc. (fully functional) until you want the ATM card and only then make the deposit.
  14. Can anyone open an account?
    Accounts cannot be opened for people from the following countries: North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria, and Burma.

If you can't get your US Bank Account opened successfully using the method described in my report, I'll refund you in full. No questions asked!

Click here right now to easily open your US bank account for a $7 (PayPal secure payment)

Note: If you don't have a PayPal account, you can order using a standard credit or debit card. Just click the PayPal button, and then the 'Click here if you don't have a PayPal account button' to do so. No account creation is needed.

P.S. For countries, which cant't use PayPal available other payment methods. Click here


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